Teenagers Spring to Upcoming Break

1 week ago Taeya Martinez 0
Spring Break is something students look forward to once second semester has begun. Although Havasu is no longer a top ten destination, it still draws a large crowd during March and April. Beach towns are often the most popular during this time, but students flock to many different cities all over the U.S.—even some in other Read More

Confusion Clears about School Shootings

1 week ago Kylee Williams 0
There have been about 19 recent gun related incidents on a school campus, but not every incident involved injuries. A school shooting is defined as an attack at an educational institution involving a firearm. Considering that most were accidents, do all of these “school shootings” really count? These original statistics are from the gun advocacy Read More

Freshmen Miss out on Helping Others

1 week ago Carly Arsenault 0
Every year, the freshmen are fielded from school in the name of helping others. This day is called Day of Service, and is put on by National Honors Society (NHS). The freshmen as well as NHS members are split up into groups with different projects to complete, some on campus and some off. This year, Read More

Thunderbolt Houses Second Home Track Meet for Lake Havasu

1 week ago Timothy Palmer 0
On March 7, 2018, a track meet was held at Thunderbolt Middle School. Teams from Kingman, Kingman Academy, Lee Williams, Mohave, River Valley and Lake Havasu were competing to see where their skills are compared to the rival teams. Although all teams had shown promise, Lake Havasu came out on top with Boys’ Varsity coming Read More

New Vice Principal Shares Past

2 weeks ago Alicia Medina 0
The ground is shaking; all she knew before were the stomps as the marching band took the field by storm, their music lending to the sense of pride the crowd had for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. However, moving to California, the earthquakes left her questioning what was going on. Vice Principal Jennifer Cady went to California Read More

All Human

2 weeks ago knightlife 0
What if they laugh? It’s every kid’s horror story. She’s afraid of what they’ll think. As if, By the power of their minds, They can change her worth. Always putting on a show Because if they saw the real her They’d think things that She’s afraid will define Who she is As a person. She Read More

Mock Rock to Knock Socks Off

2 weeks ago Kitana Ford 0
An arrangement of voices play in the background as someone stands under the spotlight mouthing the words. As they move along with the music, while trying to match their voice with the one playing through the speakers, they recreate a scene. Mock Rock is an event held at the high school where students sign up Read More

What Makes Fortnite So Successful? 

3 weeks ago Timothy Palmer 0
Battle Royales have recently blown up, starting with H1Z1 and followed by many copies; now that we have slowed down on making these games, one game that has shot onto the charts recently is “Fortnite.” This game is dominating the competition with viewers and players, beating them soundly on Twitch and Steam. Many people are Read More