What Music is Becoming

1 day ago Timothy Palmer 0
Music is strange and will stay strange. Music was at first hitting two objects together to make noise, and rhythms of noise were considered the peak. Then some guy probably said, tight strings make good noises, and then a whole new wave of music rolled out. After a while, people got tired of all the Read More

High-Achievers Miss Out on Opportunities

3 months ago knightlife 0
Valedictorian—the epitome of high school success, the eternal proof of academic excellence. This achievement is the peak for some and the starting point of a lifetime of success for others. For one aiming for this goal, Grade Point Average (GPA) is everything. Some, whether they want to take the class or not, will take it Read More

Seniors Play their Final Home Game

3 months ago Kylee Williams 0
Each sport dedicates the last home game of the season to the senior athletes. Senior nights are full of emotions as students compete for their last time on their home turf. Families and friends accompany each senior as they walk down the front of the crowd to recount their favorite team memories. There is a Read More

National Foster Care Month Encourages Families to Help a Worthy Cause

3 months ago Trinity Vessells 0
Right now, there are 428,000 children without a permanent support system, without permanent people caring for them and without a permanent place to call home (Children’s Rights). The impermanence can be a nightmare to some and a saving grace to others. Some children can’t stand the constant change, while others find comfort in the fact Read More

Teachers Unite to Help Students

3 months ago Kitana Ford 0
The smell of aging books and an arrangement of food fills the air as you enter the library doors; voices rise as people bustle around from table to table. Teachers are scattered around the room providing assistance to students while they study. Library de cafe is an event held in the library where students can Read More

Executive Council Convention Captivates Leaders

3 months ago McKayla Crowell 0
Eager faces tug on the strings of their backpacks, tossing them over their shoulders to sprint down to the bus; today is going to be eventful. Periodically, throughout the past few years, Associate Student Body (ASB) has attempted to assemble an event known as the Executive Council Convention. This event brings together students who have Read More