A Christmas Bell: Part One

11 hours ago Karley Glover 0
The tickle of a feather on my nose is what woke me up this morning. With a jolting sneeze I sat up straight, coming face to face with the terror of all terrors—my little brother. “Joseph! Get out of here!” The giggling young boy ran from my bedroom; the cursed feather hanging from his fingertips. Read More

Top Havasu Festivities to Attend this December 

5 days ago Sydney Huffman 0
Holiday season is just around the corner, with multiple celebrations like Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa coming up. To help embrace the festivities, Lake Havasu will be hosting annual winter events fit for anyone, from holiday pet photoshoots to bowling and even racing. Check out this month’s Havasu happenings and join in on the festivities.   Read More

Girls Varsity Soccer Walks Away with Victory

1 week ago Karley Glover 0
Wednesday night the Lady Knights Varsity Soccer team dominated the field. The girls walked away with a victory of 4-0 against the Kingman Bulldogs. The season’s home opener began with a tough first half, resulting in the knights first goal towards the end of the half. The second half was more eventful, with multiple goals Read More

Photographer Snaps Picture of Last Year

1 week ago Alicia Medina 0
The scenery fades; the dense foliage becomes sparse and the dry land is hot with heat radiating in the air. Everything she was used to is now replaced with palm trees and bushes—the land is open. Coming to Lake Havasu from Oregon, sophmore Dreasyn Stenzel said she thought Arizona would be her home for the Read More

Controversy on How to Handle Gun Laws Amplifies Through Several Countries

1 week ago McKayla Crowell 0
With astonishing numbers of deaths from firearms, including suicide, countries have been attempting to crack down on gun laws and create more sufficient laws. In the last decade, there have been multiple mass shootings in the United States such as the Las Vegas shooting that happened this year and the Orlando, Florida, shooting that happened Read More

Prestige Assisted Living Unveils Resident Life

1 week ago Kitana Ford 0
Desire for a place of sanctuary, while maintaining a sense of independence, fills the minds of those who choose a life in an assisted living home. Assisted living communities fulfill the purpose of providing care while allowing the residents freedom of identity. Around one million Americans live in some type of senior living community; the Read More

Coco Anything but Bare Bones

1 week ago Timothy Palmer 0
A movie about skeletons that isn’t supposed to be for Halloween—what is this? This mysterious movie is “Coco,” the newest Disney movie made by Pixar. Many advertisements were shown with vibrant colors and detailed animation, and overall it delivered. Many people liked this movie without a doubt, but one question remains for people that haven’t Read More