Wrestling Senior Night Results in Facial Injuries

1 day ago Karley Glover 0
From gushing noses to a busted lip, the January 10 wrestling match left several of the night’s competitors bloody and bruised. The matchup involved four different schools: Lake Havasu, Fairfax, Shadow Ridge and Verrado. Throughout the course of the evening, multiple bloody noses and one case of a split lip resulted in various delays and Read More

KL Staff Tries Students’ Favorite Restaurants

2 days ago Carly Arsenault 0
This is a new series where I go out and try Lake Havasu high schoolers’ favorite food from their favorite restaurants around our city. This week, I went to College Street Brewhouse and Pub. Usually wings—or chicken-based meals in general—are my go-to when I’m trying a new restaurant, plus it was suggested to try the Read More

Balloon Festival Floats Into Town

3 days ago Kitana Ford 0
A wave of colors flash through the skies, rising higher until they become nothing but specks. Wind carries the hot air balloons across the landscape—a sight to be seen. The balloon festival in Lake Havasu City is being held on January 19-21, with its location being at the Arizona state parks (Windsor four). The idea Read More

Star Wars: The Last Disappointment      

3 days ago Timothy Palmer 0
Disappointing would be the word to sum up the last few “Star Wars” movies—the series has had failure after failure but, unlike the last movie, there was hope for “The Last Jedi.” The film had looked promising, and for the most part it delivered, with a few nitpicky things here and there. One specific that Read More

Net Neutrality Repeal to Affect Students

4 days ago Adrianna Sloma 0
Imagine a world without internet. Sure, it’s existed before, but what if it all of a sudden went away in today’s day and age? Our society has become so dependent on the internet that businesses, schools and even large companies heavily rely on it. Net neutrality—the basic principle that allows us to have free internet—was Read More

AAA Market Falls Off

5 days ago Timothy Palmer 0
Gaming over the years has most definitely changed, more or less for the worst. Short uneventful titles are being priced at sixty dollars or unfinished and unpolished games are priced at full price. In a decade where games are a cash cow instead of a project the developers love and enjoy making, the industry has Read More

Winter Chill Revives Heated Jacket Debate

2 weeks ago knightlife 0
It’s that time of year again; the winter chill has finally arrived. Of course, this means the arrival of an annual debate—standardized jackets. At both Thunderbolt Middle School and Lake Havasu High School, students are required to wear standardized or school-approved jackets when wearing a jacket. High school teachers are required to give two hours Read More

What is Student Council?

2 weeks ago McKayla Crowell 0
Student Council, or StuCo, works to better our campus and boost involvement and the morale of the student body. StuCo is split into five different committees: Associate Student Body (ASB), Spirit, Community Service and Charity, Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) and Public Relations. ASB is the executive board of Student Council and is involved Read More