April 20 News Package

1 day ago Royal Report 0
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Motivated Members Meet Medal Requirements

5 days ago McKayla Crowell 0
Each year, students from LHHS as well as several other schools participate in subcategories of   Arizona Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO). CTSOs provide individuals with the opportunity to compete in state, national and international competitions. The organization’s goal is to build communication and leadership skills and promote career diversity. There are seven CTSOs and Read More

Truth or Dare Review

5 days ago Timothy Palmer 0
Cinema is weird. Movies that should’ve never been thought of become real and great movies go unnoticed. This year hasn’t been much different for movies with both mediocre and great films coming out. This doesn’t mean however, that people can make poor excuses for movies that try to reach out to the “younger generation.” One Read More

First Good Horror Movie of 2018

1 week ago Timothy Palmer 0
Imagine a world where making any noise is certain death. Now that you’ve done that, imagine earth—yes the earth we live on—turned into just that. But that isn’t all; add in some huge monsters that have excellent hearing and wander the earth attacking anything that makes noise. That sounds like a terrible place to live, Read More

Conspiracy Theories Flutter Through Students’ Minds

1 week ago Adrianna Sloma 0
Among the history textbooks and magazines filled with information documenting our past, one issue lies missing: popular conspiracy theories people have gathered throughout the decades. Certainly, conspiracy theories have been a prominent source of entertainment in our society.  According to Merriam-Webster, a conspiracy theory is defined as “a theory that explains an event or set Read More

Service Dogs Combat Stress in Schools

2 weeks ago Kitana Ford 0
Stress floats around the campus; a feeling of unease becomes apparent among the students as the year comes to a close. A wet nose and a furry face with the right qualifications can help  combat those emotions. Service dogs from the Love on a Leash organization are welcomed onto school campus’ to provide emotional support. Read More

Pacific Rim Uprising

2 weeks ago Timothy Palmer 0
Giant robots and monsters fighting to the death—Pacific Rim could’ve been summarized just like that: short and simple, straight to the point. The last thing anybody wanted was a poor attempt at comedy and plot, but that is what was delivered. Pacific Rim Uprising is an easily explained movie: an unfunny script writer tried a Read More