What is Pride Alliance Club?

1 hour ago McKayla Crowell 0
Pride Alliance Club, formerly called Gay–Straight Alliance Club, was created to bring LGBT students and allies together to provide a safe space for communication. Similar to the anti-bullying club, Pride Alliance Club attempts to create a safer environment in hopes to limit the students’ distress. The club focuses on collectively brainstorming ideas on how to Read More

Amazing Abilities Astonish Audience

5 days ago McKayla Crowell 0
The crowd’s murmurs diminish as the performer walks onto the stage eager with nerves and delight. With sweaty, shaky hands they hold the microphone tight, making sure not to let it slip out. Starting off this year’s talent show, with the tradition of the National Anthem, was senior Jacob Griner playing on the electric guitar. Read More

Most Cliché on Valentine’s Day

6 days ago Kylee Williams 0
Valentine’s Day is a holiday that has good intentions but can be stressful at times, especially if you happen to have a Valentine that is hard to please. Friends and couples around the world struggle to find that perfect gift for their special someone, and often go for the most cliché idea they can think Read More

Valentine’s Day Brings Big Bucks

6 days ago Taeya Martinez 0
February 14 is a day full of giving and receiving flowers, chocolate and teddy bears from significant others, but this day was not always about sharing gifts with loved ones. According to History, this romantic holiday derived from Saint Valentine, who was beaten and stoned for marrying Christian couples. While in jail for his crime, Read More

12 Strong Scores a Strong Six

1 week ago Timothy Palmer 0
War is a hard topic to make movies about, as you cannot be offensive while sticking to the script if it is based on a true story. Few war movies manage to be unique while staying true to the source material. Despite this, “12 Strong” has done just that. It has action, a storyline and Read More

Teens Bench Vital Breakfast

1 week ago Carly Arsenault 0
“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” is a saying that almost everyone has heard; however, does everybody take it to heart? According to Healthy Children, teens are opting out of eating breakfast in favor of sleeping a few extra minutes because they’re so tired from the day prior’s extracurriculars and/or homework. Due Read More

Does Therapy Work?

2 weeks ago Timothy Palmer 0
Therapists are often meant to help people cope with anxiety, depression and other issues. They go through an immense amount of training in college to help patients who come in and tell them their problems. However, in some cases therapy doesn’t help with their problems. Many questions arise and hit the surface but the biggest Read More