Need help with Financial Aid?

Natalia Spencer, Editor-in-Chief

FAFSA means free application for federal student aid. Do you need a FAFSA? If you or your family’s financial situation has changed significantly from what is reflected on your federal income tax return, you may be eligible to have your financial aid adjusted. The types of student aid includes grants, scholarships, work-study jobs and loans. What if I need help with my FAFSA? 

  • Ask Benji – chat box which is specifically designed to help students and parents get assistance with their FAFSA. To get started, text “Hi Benji” to 602-786-8171. 
  • Schedule a time to sit down with your school counselor for assistance. Your high school website has links for you to make virtual or in person appointments during the school day.
  • Don’t forget to follow Knights in Action/ LHHS Career Center on Facebook/ Instagram.

Planning early is the key to success when it comes to getting as much money as you can out of your  FAFSA. So go on and fill out the FAFSA form, review your aid offer, get your aid, graduate and start repayment.