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Winter Sports Update
Winter Sports Update
February 5, 2021
Final Game, Seniors Leave the Court
Final Game, Seniors Leave the Court
Maddisyn Gonzales, Reporter

A passion is an intense desire or enthusiasm, a sensation coursing through your veins as you're racing for the last basket with only seconds to spare. People can be passionate...

Wrestling Team: the Story Behind the Mat
Wrestling Team: the Story Behind the Mat
Judy Ann Quang, Reporter

As the Knights wrestling team entered the new gym, they got ready for the first meet of the 2020 season. The coach made the team line up in preparation for their turn on the...

Junior Gavin Lintz handles the ball as he maneuvers past sophomore Lane Daigle during a small close quarters drill.  During tryouts, the players perform a number of these so that the coaches can assess their one on one abilities.
Sport Tryout, Cuts
November 15, 2019
After a long game of cheering, excitement and flips, the team ended the night off right, with pictures for fans, photographers and anyone else who wanted them.
Football with a Twist
November 5, 2019
LHHS Varsity Baseball Wins Regional Title
LHHS Varsity Baseball Wins Regional Title
Samantha Martin, Reporter

Throughout the years at Lake Havasu High School, baseball teams have come and gone, but this year’s 2019 varsity baseball team took an incredible win. The Knights baseball...

Our Knights show good sportsmanship after the game by giving knuckles to the opposing team.
Lake Havasu Boys Baseball Takes Loss with Chins Up...
Taeya Martinez, Social Media and Business Manager

Our 9–6 Lake Havasu Boys Varsity Baseball Team were able to shut out the 8–5 Lee Williams Volunteers for the first five innings. Three different pitchers took the mound...

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