CTE cabinetmaking blossoms student’s creativity

CTE cabinetmaking blossoms student’s creativity

Kalliauna Bodine, Reporter

Do you like to create? Imagine the possibilities, everything that could be made out of just a pile of wood. Dressers, desks, cabinets, wall decor and more! It’s a plethora of possibilities. All you need is the skills to make it happen.

Coincidentally, there is a cabinetmaking class offered at LHHS where anyone can learn either the basics or continue on to the advanced class. They learn safety regulations and how to  build all sorts of different types or furniture Ulmer said.  Anyone can join this class, whether they have the experience or not. 

“Typically as a freshman you would start out in the Fundamentals of Cabinetmaking, which is a semester course and from there you would go on to the following year which is the Introduction to Cabinetmaking and junior and senior year you would finish up in the advanced course,” Ulmer said. Starting with the basics and working up, Ulmer teaches everything one needs to know for cabinetmaking.

Although something  to note is that there will be a lot of time spent in the shop and quite a bit of sawdust—however Ulmer claims it is easy to clean off. Measuring is just another part of the job and must be done accurately. “No matter who you are, if you can read a tape measure or measure anything you can excel in this class,” Ulmer said. Students have joined this class without having any previous exposure to the tools used and end up becoming more confident in their own abilities and enjoying the experience.

This class is open to all students, and if anyone considers joining, they should at least try the fundamentals course for one semester and find out if it’s something they like. Let your creativity flow and create something amazing!