DIY Soda Tab Jewelry

Kalliauna Bodine, Reporter

Everyone accessories differently. Whether it’s with expensive gold and silver earrings, or dollar-store brightly colored flower bracelets, jewelry can bring a look together.  I prefer to wear jewelry I make myself, and if that’s the case for you as well then you’re in luck! Soda-tab accessories can be made with 4 simple steps.

 First, you’ll want to collect yourself some soda tabs and wash them off. Then, using wire cutters or a pair of scissors, cut a slit in the thin side of the jewelry. With the slit you’ll be able to pull the jewelry apart and assemble them together to form a chain. You can make the chain three tabs thick or five tabs thick, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you make sure that the smooth side of the tabs is facing outward so that the rough side doesn’t scratch your skin. Once you have the chain to your desired length, all you have to do is use some safety bins or earring hooks to complete your jewelry! It’s simple and recycled, but if it’s to your taste then definitely try it out!