Free meals given to any child


Kalliauna Bodine, Reporter

A virus turned pandemic caused many people to struggle financially, and it’s no secret that hundreds of jobs have been lost temporarily and some permanently. Therefore, keeping up with bills and meals has become harder than ever and some help is needed.

Before COVID, parents would have to fill out an application at the beginning of each school year if they needed assistance for their child to get free or reduced meals through the Summer Food Service program. In order to make this easier on people struggling, it has been taken away and children can now get completely free meals all the way through the end of this school year and no application is needed. 

Furthermore, the Summer Food Service Program is providing any child under the age of 18 with free breakfast and lunch. “They can get breakfast and lunch at their school, and we also have three drive through sites that are open from 9-10 a.m. Those are available at Smoketree and Havasupai Elementary and Thunderbolt middle school,” said Child Nutrition Supervisor Anne Taffe. 

Something to also note is that the child does not have to be present for a parent to pick up the meal if the child is not receiving a meal in school on a particular day.

“Let everyone know that it is free, good nutritious food, and we would love for you to participate,” Taffe said. So get a free meal from your school on a school day or pick one up from one of the drive through locations!Check out the Royal Report video on this program at LHHS Royal Report on YouTube and be sure to subscribe.