Help Out The Planet and Go Zero Waste


Judy Ann Quang, Bus/Social Media/ Advertising/ Web Tech Editor

The United States has one of the worst reputations when it comes to producing trash according to OneGreenPlanet. It’s so bad that they produced about 250 million tons in just a year; that is about 4.4 pounds of trash for each person. But that doesn’t include other countries which are about 3.5 million tons of plastic waste. As the population increases over time people could be producing more plastic waste that the ocean could be filled in trash. Not only does it hurt the environment but the animals that live there. About 100,000 marine animals die from the amount of plastic in the ocean, and one in three fish contains plastic in their body. 

So here are five basic ways to cause less waste and save money. It is called Zero Waste. This is to help people live a sustainable lifestyle where discarded materials become resources for others. Zero Waste has 5 R’s which include Recycle, Refuse, Reduce, Rot and Reuse.

Using Eco-Friendly products can help use fewer disposable items while everyday items can be replaced with eco-friendly products that have no plastics or trash which can be recycled. Even thrifting can help cause zero waste by having second-hand items; therefore, people don’t just throw out items in the ocean or burn it which could lead to air pollution. This allows others to explore different fashion styles when thrifting, and it is cheap and affordable to buy. So trying out zero waste is great for the planet and can help you save a lot of money in the long run.