How will students take ACT, SAT during pandemic

Reyna Arellanes, Copy Editor

Students have been preparing for the ACTs and SATs that they will take during their junior and senior year. But, are these tests really as important as they were made to believe? 

Due to this year’s pandemic (COVID-19), not only was the rest of the school year canceled, but also so-called important tests like the SATs and ACTs. 

If the SATs and ACTs were cancelled and students don’t necessarily need to worry about taking them this year, then why do high schools and colleges make it seem like these tests are so incredibly important. 

The ACT test is used to show colleges how high a student’s intelligence is in English, math, reading, and science with writing as an optional choice. The ACT test has a max score of 36 and can last around three hours. 

As for the SAT, it tests your intelligence in math, evidence-based reading and writing, and optional essay with the highest possible score of 1600. 

When looking into college, in order to be accepted, applicants must submit scores for either the ACT or SAT. The higher the score, the higher chance the applicant has of being accepted. 

So even with this pandemic canceling these tests making it seem like it’s no big deal, they are actually extremely important for an individual’s future as well as colleges when it comes to picking which student is best fit for that particular school. 

The scores give colleges a better insight into a students readiness for college and data to make acceptance comparisons. 

On the bright side, students who had to miss out on taking the ACT or SAT this year can make it up by taking the SAT this upcoming fall after schools reopen. But, what happens if schools don’t reopen in the fall?

In the event that that does happen, the College Board is going to open up a digital SAT that students can take from home. 

Therefore, people who want to get into the college they dream of, won’t have to worry about that opportunity getting jeopardized because they weren’t going to be able to submit an ACT or SAT score. 

This proves that yes, the ACTs and SATs are as important for a students future as told throughout the years.