Little Knights Receive Five Star Rating


Samantha Martin

Always a quality first classroom in the Little Knights Preschool.

Samantha Martin, Reporter

While there are 11 preschools all over Lake Havasu, the Little Knights Preschool at Lake Havasu High School is the only one to earn a five-star rating in the whole town. The preschool program accepts any student who wants to join and meets the program qualifications. This is a great opportunity for the students and presents a new characteristic that many of the other preschools in Havasu don’t offer.

There are two advisors, Cathy Bagby and Marie Hendry, that assist the high school students with teaching the children. They give assignments to their students, which include teaching lessons for the children such as math, reading and writing. Not only does it give the children a jumpstart before starting 1st grade, but also opens up a wide range of job opportunities for the students at LHHS who participate in the class.

“My experience in the preschool is really inspiring and motivational. Not only is working with the children an amazing experience, but there are also so many career opportunities having to do with the children. It really helps me open my mind to more options career-wise,” sophomore Zoey Fluent said.

Additionally, the children have a large playground with various of toys, making recess entertaining with multiple activities. This is a productive time to bond with their teacher, play games and have a blast outside. At the end of the year, they even get a water day where they can play in mini pools and a waterslide for some fun in the sun.

The high school students play a big part in this program and are evaluated on it. Therefore, the way the high school students look and act also influences the Little Knights Preschool rating. Little Knights Director Hendry said, “I still get goosebumps; I am on cloud nine [about the rating].” The Little Knights plan to keep their school at a five star rating by working hard and keeping a good reputation.