Online Platforms Stealing Classroom Education: COVID Impact on Student

Nicole Seemann, Editor In Chief

I have a recurring dream. A dream that’s always interrupted by my alarm clock at 6:30 a.m. every school morning. It’s a dream to sleep in. No one could have anticipated a global pandemic forcing the school district to resort to online learning platforms—but here we are. Got to admit, I never thought my dream would come true.

For me, there are many benefits to this quarantine. I’ve gotten closer to my family, my dog and I now speak the same language and I’ve completed a 3,000 piece puzzle of which 1,000 were blades of grass. BLADES OF GRASS! 

I get that this virus has a serious impact on us locally, nationally, even globally. But that doesn’t minimize the importance of how it is impacting us here in our Havasu daily lives. Oh who are we kidding, it’s our teenager lives that truly matter. And for us, that means school.

Schools are putting in their best effort to switch to online platforms, but it doesn’t provide the same opportunities as those on campus. Teachers are no longer able to incorporate all types of learning into their curriculum. For example, there is a learning style called Kinesthetic Learning or “the hands-on approach.” It’s sort of hard to be hands-on while practicing social distancing. 

Students are missing out on the entire educational experience. They can’t reep the benefits from interacting in clubs, sports and other extracurricular activities. Even cherished well needed fundraisers, and peer learning are suffering. This lack of socialization can impact a student’s mental health and delay their development into mature members of society.

This is my senior year of high school. There is so much I haven’t done yet, things I’ve eagerly anticipated to experience. I watched my brother graduate college with nothing more than a letter and a package. I don’t want that for me. I look forward to graduating with a hug. 

I realize this pandemic has become a divisive point in today’s political climate, but does it have to be? After all, there really is a pandemic, and it is impacting all of us, indiscriminate of one’s political affiliation. I know it may sound selfish, but us kids just want to go back to school and learn with our friends, albeit—safely.

So, let’s all continue to try and work together to solve the problem. Us students are your children. We know you love us and that our safety is your top priority. 

Therefore, we wait patiently, by binge watching Netflix, streaming TikToks, texting on Snapchat and posting on Instagram (hey, even I can take only so many pictures of myself).

So please, find the healthiest way to get us back into the classroom, and out of your hair.