Food Review: Burgers by the Bridge


Kayla Maserang

This was restaurant at 5PM. It was busy, most likely from the snowbirds. The cars in the parking lot had license plates from all over America.

Kayla Maserang, Reporter

This week I went to Burgers by the Bridge. Burgers by the Bridge is a burger place… by the bridge. I will be rating it on food, service, and vibe.

Since this weekend is Valentine’s Day, I decided to go with a special someone– my dad. The service was really good. The servers were nice, and yeah I never have anything bad to say about the service. 5/5

The food. The food. It is so good, like it is really good. I got the bacon cheeseburger and fries and lemme tell you: the best burgers in town. Well, that I’ve tried so far, and I appreciate how they put the vegetables on the side. Bro, even the fries. Please don’t hate me for this, but I don’t really like french-fries. Although this restaurant really had me grabbing a handful. Like they were the right amount of crispy without being over cooked and yeah… 5/5

This restaurant gives me Bubba Gump vibes, which I can appreciate. It gives a pretty view of the lake and it is outside.  5/5.

 I really like this place. It gives a local’s discount too. I love the bridge and for some reason Burgers by the Bridge makes me nostalgic. I would very much recommend. 5/5