Are your Parents Driving you Mad During Quarantine


Nicole Seemann, Editor In Chief

It’s a beautiful Saturday. No school, no alarm clock, just wonderful blissful sleep. You lay in your soft bed, wrapped in cozy blankets, as you enjoy your peaceful rest. Slam! “Time to get up! It’s eight o’clock!” Why is your mom ruining your glorious dream? She yanks the blankets off your bed, “Up, up, up!” You let out a groan as your plans to sleep until noon are shattered. 

Don’t get me wrong, we all love our parents. There are just a few times we wish we could get some alone time or, you know, not do a thousand chores. So here are a few tips for dealing with parents when you’re constantly around them during a pandemic. 


  1. The sibling strategy. There are many ways to take advantage of your dear sibling. Did mom ask you to vacuum? Easy solution, just walk out to your lovely sibling and say, “Hey sis, mom said you need to vacuum.” Are you one of the few people that actually love their sibling? Well don’t give up this strategy yet. If you have really strict parents then your older sibling can have your back and help your parents understand your perspective. For example, your brother can convince your parents to let you watch a movie they previously said no to. Thank you Jacob for saving me from a boring childhood. Also your sibling is a great venting source. They live in the same house as you; they are or have experienced the same feelings you are. Venting with them is a great way to release pent up stress. Plus, you strengthen your bond as you both complain about how early you have to wake up on the weekend. 
  2. What if you are an only child? Well, first off, you’re one of the lucky ones. Having a sibling is like constantly being at war. Second, I got an excellent tip for you. Work. Whether it’s school or a job, this is a great weapon to use against parents. You would love to make dinner for the family, but you are just so swamped with school work. You have three tests and a project all due tomorrow. It’s just so overwhelming you don’t know how you are going to finish it all. Cue the tears. Your attack is effective and you are free from making dinner! No in all seriousness, talk to your parents when you have a lot on your plate. If you talk it through with them and clearly convey your emotions, they will likely let you off the hook. 
  3. Do you have shallow walls and can hear when your parents are coming to your room? Then you are in luck! You have the privilege of taking advantage of this quick and easy tip. All you gotta do is lay on your bed and pretend you are taking a nap. If you have nice parents they’ll see you are asleep and will leave you alone. If you got parents like I mentioned in my little Saturday morning story…good luck.
  4. Taking a pet for a walk. This tip is great for people with a moral compass who don’t like tricking their parents or siblings and is actually one of my favorites—yes, I’m a goody two shoes. Taking your pet out for a walk is a great way to get some downtime. I don’t know how many times I’ve done this to clear my head and relax. It doesn’t even have to be related to parents; it can just help you deal with stress in general. Plus, there are some added benefits. You can get some exercise in, and your pet will be ecstatic. Just don’t walk your goldfish.
  5. Remember, the situation is only temporary. By this time tomorrow whatever you guys are arguing about will most likely be forgotten. Keeping that in mind, don’t let the situation get to you and stay calm.
  6. Dishes. We all hate doing the dishes. I got a great full proof plan… break them. Yes, you heard me right. Here’s what you need to do. Step one, make sure a parent is in the kitchen. Step two, have the dish slip out of your hands. Crash, whoops. It’s important we cover all corners in this scheme. Step three, at random times drop things that don’t break throughout the week. Tell your parents that you’ve become so clumsy lately. Step four, break another dish. Your parents will not want you touching those dishes ever again. Now to be clear, if you are actually considering this method then you are a horrible person! Do you know how expensive dishes are! Shame, shame on you. Don’t you know a joke when you hear one? 
  7. No one likes fighting with their parents. It’s just not fun. The key is to not let others dictate your energy. The more energy you have, the more the situation can escalate. To put this in simple terms let’s say your mother has her voice slightly higher than normal when you’re arguing. In turn, you subconsciously raise your voice. Your voices continue to rise until you are both out right yelling at each other. This is not good. Stay collected and keep your energy low. Humans subconsciously mirror others. If you continue to talk in a calm, collected tone (that means no sass or eye rolls) then their energy will decrease and you can avoid having a fight all together. 
  8. The classic AirPods trick. Go about your day with an AirPod in your ear. If you put just one in you can listen to your parents while still enjoying some tunes to keep in a positive mindset. If you want to act like a true teenager, then put two in. You can pretend you are listening when you are actually just playing music. 
  9. Communication is key to any circumstance. Yes I know, being quarantined in your house is driving you mad, but your parents are dealing with the same issue. Talk to them. Tell them you need your alone time and set some clear boundaries. Don’t just say your piece though, listen to theirs too.
  10. Odors, we all hate disgusting odors. Let’s take advantage of that. Method one: start creating a mountain of dirty laundry. Over time, the smell will fill your room and your parents will never want to enter again. Added bonus, if you put the pile in front of your door then you can have a barricade separating you from your parents. Just don’t think about what will happen when you have to use the bathroom. Method two: no hygiene. Don’t brush your teeth, don’t take a shower, don’t wear deodorant. You’ll smell/look revolting, and your parents won’t come near you. Will you feel sickening? Yes. Is it unhealthy? Yes. Is the whole odor tip completely stupid and unrealistic? Yes. I like to call it comedy. 


DISCLAIMER: I would just like to make it clear, you can’t hold me accountable for your mental or physical health after doing any of these methods. As I sure hope you’ve realized at this point, not all these tips were serious, but instead were said to entertain you. If you didn’t think they were funny then there is something wrong with you because I am a comedy genius…not. 

That being said, a few of these tips were sincere and I greatly recommend trying. We are all going through strange times due to COVID-19. Our only human interaction has become limited to our family and it can feel quite restricting. I hope these few tips help you not only “deal” with your parents during covid, but help you keep a leveled head and hopefully deepen bonds with them.