Bright lights and music vibrate through the Little Theatre as different musicians perform    


Short Fuse the band combine all of their instrumental expertise to create a cover of “Runaway Baby.”

Kalli Herrmann, Reporter

Filling the room with a combination of musical talents, acoustic night gave many beginning singers and instrumentalists a chance to let the audience hear their music.

Senior Lilia Shaffer got to perform in front of her biggest crowd yet. She completed the harmony of sounds with her keyboard, which she’s been playing in her band since last March. Shaffer and her band performed two different pieces.

The first song was “Feeling Good” by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse; they were the second act to perform. The second song they played was “Runaway Baby” by Bruno Mars, which concluded acoustic night with a bang of rocking beats.

Ultimately, Shaffer has plans to become a music teacher so she can spread her knowledge of music to other interested students. She said “I’ve performed before but it was the largest crowd we’ve performed for, so I was a little nervous.” She put aside her nervous feelings to create a melody that the crowd cheered.