Caps Off To Mock Rock!


Photo Credit Kelly Fee

Students of the class of 2019 perform a skit telling multiple stories. From energetic dancing to old hits to conducting a small couples’ waltz, the seniors ended their performance the same way they will this year—by tossing their caps in the air.

Kelly Fee, Reporter

The audience goes wild as the sparkle of ruby red boots signals the beginning of the winning performance. Students, teachers and locals gathered in the Performing Arts Center last Wednesday, March 20, to view Lake Havasu High School’s yearly tradition, Mock Rock.

Essentially, Mock Rock is a lip-sync battle that’s been an LHHS tradition for years where students dress up as a band and mock perform or sing. It’s used as a fundraiser for Student Council to earn money and give back to the student body as well as an enjoyable activity for students to have fun. “I do it because it’s fun, and I can’t do the talent show because I don’t have any specific talents,” junior Madisyn Connelly said who was part of the first place team.  

The night began with a parody of the Spice Girls and concluded with an original piece from the Class of 2019. Footlite took third place with a dance routine to an abundance of Hannah Montana songs. First runner up was the Class of 2019 with their intricate skit and dance. Lastly, the Class of 2020 took home the gold with their comedic routine to the famous song “Rolling on the River” by Tina Turner. “I liked their song and thought that for high school students it was an interesting choice,” English teacher Rachel Bishop said.

Although Mock Rock has been a school tradition for many years and most of the theatre was filled with viewers, there was not as many performers as hoped for. One teacher suggested that while it’s fun and entertaining, Mock Rock should step out of the spotlight for a couple years and come back fresh.

Conversely, others believe it’s a custom for our school and shall stay for years to come. “I think it is really fun when kids are seniors to look back and think oh I remember my freshman year when this Mock Rock performance happened or to remember doing things. High school is more than just going to classes, and so I hope kids participate and keep it as a tradition,” Student Council Advisor Ginny Sautner said.