Food review: Habit Burger


Kayla Maserang, Reporter

Whenever something new happens in town it’s always a big deal, especially when food is involved. Recently, a new fast food restaurant named Habit Burger moved next to Hokkaido Asian Cuisine Buffet (which is also new, but that’s a different article). I will review Habit Burger on look, service, and food.

When I first walked into the restaurant, my first impression was that it looked nice. It looks like the ChaBones of fast food. It was very clean due to it being a new building. You can see the kitchen from the front, which I like. The workers probably didn’t like my constant stares, sorry for that. For look, I give Habit Burger 5/5.

I ordered food at the front counter. The cashier was really nice. They messed up on a small thing on our order, but it ended up being okay. The wait was 15 minutes for food, which is good considering how many people were there. I honestly can’t think of anything bad about the service, therefore I’ll give it a ⅘.

Lastly, the food. I saved the food for last because I can rave about it for hours. The food was DELICIOUS. I have no idea how to describe it other than that. The Charburger tastes like baby’s laughter and first love. The meat actually tastes real unlike most fast food restaurants. The cheese was divine and blended deliciously with the rest of  the ingredients. I would copy and paste the synonyms for delicious from to describe this meal. For food, I’ll give a 5/5.

In all, I’d say this place gets a 5/5. I would really recommend going there to pick up food or even eat inside with family. It’s a lot better than some of the dine-in food chains here in town. Welcome to Havasu, Habit Burger!  Check out the Royal Report video on this program at LHHS Royal Report on YouTube and be sure to subscribe.