Hell Fest is Kind of a Snooze-fest     

Timothy Palmer, Website Assistant

Oh no!—Halloween is nearly here. That means producers are rushing out movies in hopes to get money because their movie is scary. Even the movie “Halloween” got a reboot, but, today the focus isn’t on that movie; it’s on “Hell Fest.” Even the name is spooky, so it’s got to be good, right? While this movie wasn’t particularly talked about, one question slipped through: is this movie worth watching?

First, here’s some background knowledge on the movie. Produced by Gale Hurd along with Tucker Tooey and directed by Gregory Plotkin, this movie flew under the radar. Plotkin is known for helping on the “Paranormal Activity” movies while Hurd is known for the original “Aliens” and “Terminator.”  

Now to the actual movie, we’re going to look at the interactions between the actors. Have you ever sat down to watch a movie and within the first 10 minutes of it beginning you just wanted it to end? This movie will do that. I don’t know if that was a style choice or if the writing is just that terrible with excess of vulgar language.

Onto the main focus of this story: the protagonists. The heroes are mostly unique. Two of the guys are bland and the same person, but other than that the cast is different. The killer isn’t a new idea; however, it is just a silent killer type. He doesn’t talk throughout the movie until the very end, and its motives aren’t explained at all. While that can be a downfall, the movie capitalizes on this fact of a silent, faceless character by throwing in a simple plot device: his shoes.

While this seems like a odd choice, the killer is easily identified by his shoes. There are scenes were the movie appears to be over or nothing will occur, but then the camera zooms slowly onto the shoes. This is definitely a different approach for identifying a killer, but it works.  

One aspect that doesn’t work is this movie’s patent teleporting magic trick. This trick is used by many, many movies and can be frustrating. The actor who played “The Other,” who is the killer, is Stephen Conroy; Stephen is 6’ 2”. How is this tall of a killer able to just vanish out of thin air without making any noise? This aspect isn’t talked about in the movie.

Another aspect that doesn’t do its job very well is the horror or plot. This movie had no real suspense at all. When the movie opened up, I was able to predict how everyone would end up, and I got every guess right. This movie has a few simple twists, but other than that the plot is easily predictable. The horror is also lackluster. It was just a series of cheap jump scares.

Overall, this movie is average but enjoyable. While it had the “silent killer” troupe and the easily predictable plot problem, it was fun. Although the dialogue exchanged with the characters was terrible, on some parts you couldn’t help but laugh. This movie has that old-slashes vibe coming from it. Easily seven out of 10 creepy masks; would watch again.