Staff Spotlight: Linda


Lunch ladies making sure students get their meals on time. After prepping the food, they serve with smiling faces, letting every student know it was made with care.

Oliver Johnson, Reporter

When you’re a student, do you think about where your food comes from? Do you make sure to thank the lunch staff while you’re leaving? There is one staff member from LHHS that we would like to give our personal thank you to: Linda, for all the hard work she has done and is continuing to contribute.

Linda is a staff member that serves lunch to students daily with her “best friend and partner in crime”. Linda has worked at LHHS for 20+ years and said that the reason she continues is because “it warms my heart when children are respectful and thank you when they receive their food”. She brings her best attitude and caring personality to work every day, and her reasoning as to why she first began is: “I first became a lunch lady when my granddaughter started elementary, and I just never left”!

She looks fondly on memories of nice students who are polite to the school staff and always say thank you. Alongside working the counter, Linda also “Does everything. I manage, I make sure the work is flowing properly, and I make sure everything is ready by the time the students come in for lunch”. So next time you’re in the lunchroom, stop and say hi to the lunch staff on your way out.