Students Find Comfort at Ice Skating Rink


All colors shine brightly on the people enjoying the Christmas music and ice.

Brandon Vega , Reporter

It’s late at night, the nostalgic Christmas music plays and lights shine brightly, gliding through the ice. Ice? In Lake Havasu City, Arizona? Well, thanks to the people of London Bridge Resort and Reel Nice Portable Ice Skating Rink, the annual month-long ice skating rink throughout what many consider the jolliest time of the year is now a reality.

But with this time of the year for students comes one of the most stressful times of the year. It’s December—the month where it’s time for finals, tests and the occasional asking teachers for extra credit to boost students’ grades.

In Arizona, especially Lake Havasu City, the last activity people would think the town would have is an ice skating rink, but just like anything portable, it can be taken anywhere during any time of year. That’s how one of the owners of Reel Nice Portable Ice Skating Rink, Lisa Brogan, has been able to keep this rink going on during the cold winter months for the past couple of years. She said that the beauty she sees of the rink is how much of a “novelty it is: it’s here for a little bit, then it’s gone,” and it makes it even more special to her.

Moreover, the ice skating rink can aid in clearing the minds of stressed students. “The ice skating rink plays a big role for me because it helps set aside all the stress of studying,” senior Jericho Rangel said. It also helps students that on weekdays they close at 9 p.m. because they know the importance of a good night’s sleep to students’ classwork and studying.

What Brogan and her husband put on for Lake Havasu to make Christmas time even brighter is appreciated by many. Although, yes, it’s during the craziest time of the year for students, there’s always time to keep their mind out of it and live a little.