The Meg Bites onto the Scene

Timothy Palmer , Website Assistant

Have you ever wanted to see a disappointing movie with seamlessly no direction and random skips throughout the plot? Then “The Meg” is the right film for you to watch. After a few months of advertisements, the movie seemed like a horror or action movie, but it fell flat of either genre. The acting on top of that was terrible with only a few great moments where everyone shined. So let’s bite into the movie with a big question, was this movie worth attending?

The first topic being looked at is the acting. Yes, acting is hard and takes loads of time and dedication. However, that doesn’t mean being bad is acceptable. When somebody is sad, the audience should be able to tell, hey that actor is sad; not be confused as to why they look happy. Another big acting mistake can be credited to the random transitions of scenes from the actors struggling to be sad over a death to being happy five minutes later.

Moving to the next topic—and it is the star of the show—poorly animated computer-generated imagery (CGI) shark, yay! Now the CGI in a movie doesn’t need to be top tier, but when you as a director have a budget of 150 million dollars, it has to be decent. Decent can describe the best scenes for the shark, while other parts are laughably poor. The main source of humor accidentally turned out to be the shark.

The next aspect to take a close look at are the transitions in general. The movie as a whole seemed rushed when it was finally over. From a scene that made little sense to yet another terrible transition, the director seemed to not know what scene he wanted where and we ended up with a rushed final project.

Overall, the movie was just falling short. From the substandard acting all the way to a terrible looking shark, the movie just falls below the okay category and into the second rate category. Even with no real expectations, it failed the expectations. I give this movie a Ghost Shark out of 10; wouldn’t recommend.