New Version of Senioritis


Photo Credit: Pixabay

Judy Ann Quang, Reporter

A new chapter unveiled during COVID-19 as school is forced to shut down which alarmed many parents and students when Gov. Doug Ducey allowed any school in Arizona to close down from March 16 to prevent the spread of the virus. But there are many pros and cons with the online school as it allows many students to have the opportunity to work around their schedule. Many students like Emily Wilson who is now working full time and still doing online school which makes it difficult to balance its work with online school.  “While that makes me lucky that I still have a job it is very hard to balance while doing online school because my schedule is set up very weird to where I wake up, go to work, come home, and go to sleep.,” said Junior Emily Wilson. But having that full-time job makes her work ethic a lot lower because she does her school work on her days off.

But having a time set for students to wake up many students stay up late at night from playing video games, talking to friends, school work, and watching tv. But still, some students choose to do things last minute or don’t turn things in at all as they don’t have the motivation to do any more schoolwork or participate in school.” AP physics is something I have always struggled with from the beginning so therefore I can’t really speak on whether or not online is better for me.” said Junior Emily Wilson. But what has the same symptoms is “senioritis”. As it’s more attached to seniors as it is their last year of high school so seniors normally don’t have any motivation to continue on and just want to graduate as you just don’t go to school? But several Freshman, sophomores, and Junior are experiencing the same things as they don’t have any reason to continue on in online school.

This week most teachers are hosting Zoom meetings for many students to tell them the important information like that that the current grade most students have will not go down but will differ with honor, DE, AP as they have different requirements, some teacher aren’t even going to giving a final,  but students do get an opportunity to raise their current grade. But since the input has been put on the grade but students are planning to do nothing that whole semester. As teachers send email about the current news about grade and end of school year. The students are taking the opportunity about their current grade and doing nothing but some students are motivated to improve their grade and GPA.