Former music industry engineer inspires students to follow their dreams


Judy Ann Quang, Bus/Social Media/ Advertising/ Web Tech Editor

What is Music and Audio Studio Production? It has two different sides allowing students to learn how to create music content like mixing, so it can sound better and allow that music to be distributed in different streaming platforms. Basically, students are creating music from scratch to the finished product. 

The other side of music and audio studio production is learning how to shoot video and import the video into Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effect, or Pro Tools while learning how to manipulate it. From modifying sound and video, as well as changing the sound, and learning how to export it to any device. 

At the end of the course, students can take a test that allows them to receive a certification in Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Pro Tools. 

Music and Audio Studio Production teacher Sam Brindis, said that he became a teacher because he was getting older and felt like giving back to the industry as he enjoyed his time throughout the years. He wanted to show people how cool this industry was and how anyone in the world could work in it. Brindis still works in the industry and is inspiring high school students to try it out hoping they find their passion. 

His career goal is wanting his students to find their passion so they can enjoy what they are doing when they graduate high school. It just so happens that he loves music and audio so much that he teaches other kids. 

Every year his students get inspired and go into the music and audio industry like Senior Odin Wright. 

Past high school graduates still keep in contact with Mr.Brindis on Instagram. He has even cried a couple of times helping them find what they were passionate about and watching their progress. Brindis said “his students told him that they are living the dream, and they are happy with their choice because it wouldn’t have happened if they didn’t enter his class.” Brindis’ goal at the end of the day is to illuminate this student’s passion which makes him really happy. 

One student planning to go in the industry is Senior Odin Wright as he has taken Audio Studio for about 4 years and has learned throughout those years that he enjoyed that class so much. He will be studying at the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences once he graduates. Wright felt there were many benefits in taking this class like learning from the best teacher who has experience in the industry. Wright has made many fond memories during this class which allow him to participate in SkillsUSA with his friends and compete in Audio Studio Production. 

Wright’s advice to other kids that plan to take this class is to pay attention and learn the shortcuts so you don’t become really slow in the industry once you get there.

“Don’t be afraid to try something new and fail, so many people shut down that idea because they feel like they can’t do it or they won’t be good at it when it’s the thing that becomes their deal. So don’t be afraid to go for it even if you fail,” said Brindis. That is the advice that he gives to his students every year once they leave his class and graduate.