French Foreigner Lives Life In America


Samantha Martin, Reporter

Foreign exchange student Mayssa Fatnassi is excited to be studying in the US which is different from her home country France. These students come to LHHS to find new ways to learn and join sports or clubs they choose, forming close bonds throughout the school year. Depending on the foreign exchange program the students are in, they may be enrolled into Student Council where they advertise their school spirit, set up for dances and pep assemblies and make the school a better place.

“I dream to live in America; I love it here,” senior Mayssa Fatnassi said. She said she would love to stay here in America but does miss her family back home.

Primarily, she is working diligently to learn the English language and is taking sophomore English but struggles with the workload and doesn’t understand the readings and tests. Coming from France and having a first language of French, she said it’s difficult to communicate with other students and teachers. Fatnassi tries to understand and explain herself when it comes to working on assignments and homework. The Career Center at our school is a big help, providing a quiet work space and the help she needs when it comes to tests. Fatnassi said she always gives it her all when working in class even when it’s a more strenuous assignment.

Additionally, she added there is a plethora of differences among France and the US. For example, even though Fatnassi is of legal age to drive here in America, she is not allowed to get her license because the legal driving age there is 18. Even though America is different from France, Fatnassi can’t wait until she learns more of the English language and can move here when she’s older and start a new chapter of her life.