How can you make your own games?


Advanced Software and App Design students work in the visual studio in programing language C sharp, the language used on their up-coming certification exam

Kalliauna Bodine, Reporter

Call of Duty, Minecraft, Animal Crossing, Instagram and Snapchat, all of your favourite apps and games were made with the same  : code. Every game, every app, starts with typing. The keys on your keyboard can create something that could be used and accessed worldwide. But how?

The Software and App design class teaches students how to code with different programming languages. Java script, Python and C# (sharp) are examples of what can be learned in this class. “I joined this class because I thought it would be interesting and I wanted to learn more about how the video games I play are made,” junior Carson Balboni said. In his three years in this class, he has made four games. He plans on pursuing a career in computer programming, and this class has guided him toward that goal. 

Additionally, Software and App Design teacher Michelle Burke stresses that we are in a huge growth industry right now and the demand of jobs in this career field is high compared to the supply of students pursuing it. So when learning different types of code, students can count on having job opportunities in the future.

If students are interested in computers, games, social media or coding, “then you will most definitely have a fun time in this class,” Balboni added. This class incorporates these topics in such a way that students are doing the work for themselves. 

This class teaches students skills that can be very beneficial to them in the future. “I’m really hopeful that we’ll have more students join our program and I think it’s a great class. I know the students have really enjoyed all of the learning that we’ve been able to do in this course,” Burke said.  That being said, sign up for Software and App Design by talking to your counselor today!