A switcheroo during the school year of 2020-2021

A switcheroo during the school year of 2020-2021

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Gemma Ortega, Reporter

The bells for first period rings throughout the halls of the school signaling class has started, not knowing it would be the last in-person class of the year. Engaging with classmates and asking for one-on-one time is not something that’s at reach anymore. How much change could there be in a student’s school routine after quarantine? 

In fact there are many adjustments to get used to and not just with online learning but trying to stay focused at home.“ My biggest concern was not being able to focus because I get super distracted, and it’s easier when a teacher is teaching me in person,-” said Sophomore Kailey Castle. 

Online school is a new way of learning for many students and this is all to make sure everyone is safe. 

According to USA Today, an estimated 57 million students of all ages are engaging the new school year behind a computer screen. Shifting from in-person classes to online courses is a dramatic change not just for the teachers and students but the parents as well. Virtual learning is considered the new normal. There are many concerns but there is yet to be a specific answer. 

Everyone was used to waking up early in the morning and having the next six hours dedicated to school, but due to quarantine there were a few more months of summer. “It made me sleep in a lot more; it also made me go through school slower because I kept having distractions,-” said Castle. 

Over the course of these few months students’ routines have changed a bit to get used to online classes but keeping everyone safe is the top priority. It may seem very different but it’s something to get used to for now. 

Although it may not be the favorable way to learn for some, students and teachers adjust to online classes as the new school year begins. The most efficient way to get through the first semester of school is to step out of the comfort zone and work hard.