Class of 2021 Input On The New Experience of Distance Learning


Judy Ann Quang, Bus/Social Media/ Advertising/ Web Tech Editor

(Ring, Ring, Ring) Wait, was this a dream? Well, this 2020-2021 there are some major changes once school starts this year as the coronavirus is still happening and having new cases every day around the world. LHHS decided to start school on August 3, 2020, and students were able to decide if they wanted to do distance learning or online learning. So what is the difference between the two?

A new school year means new friends, new goals and life-changing decisions as summer break has come to an end and people are preparing to go back to school. Having first-day jitters is a common thing that often happens from getting ready, sharing a schedule, as well as your class and friends. 

Well, with distance learning students use Google Classroom to turn in their school work and once governor Ducey allows the school to reopen again then students will be able to go back to school physically and continue what they were doing online. 

However, Online school means you will be doing all the school work online only and don’t have to go back to school physically.

The Class of 2021 has different opinions on distance learning and online school as it is new, and they aren’t allowed to do things that most seniors were able to experience in their year. As the coronavirus is a continuous pandemic the school has to make some changes which means no events (dances, sports games, clubs, prep assembly, and many more). 

Most students wanted to do distance learning and get a chance to see their friends, teachers and many more. 

But are they willing to go to school when there is still a pandemic that could affect their health or their family’s well being? “Before school started I was very confused, nervous and anxious. I decided earlier to do online school at first because of the coronavirus because I didn’t want my family members to get it, but I changed my mind and decided to do distance learning,” said Senior Addy Lueskow.

There were a lot of pros and cons that seniors dealt with distance learning and online learning. Some pros with distance learning that seniors Addy Luceskow and Tristan Cox said were doing schoolwork at their own pace as it was easy and giving more free time with family and work.

But the cons of having to do the online portion of distance learning caused some problems the first week as Cox couldn’t find some of the Google Classroom codes and had some technical difficulties. Cox works about 40 hours a week so he had a hard time trying to balance both work and school which messed up some of his sleep schedule. While Luceskow had a hard time having the motivation to do some of her schoolwork as the work didn’t have to be done right away, and it didn’t help that she preferred in-person learning.

For the Class of 2021 their senior year might not be the usual experience they were hoping for, but they are trying to make the best out of the situation with each one having wishes to accomplish as a senior. “I want to go back to school and see my friends as it is our last year together, and we will go separate ways;I do want to enjoy my senior year with all my friends. Also, I would like to accomplish passing my classes despite this learning gap,” added Cox. 

As everyone is getting ready to go the next step if that means going to college,  going to trade school, getting a job and so much more. Also trying to keep in contact with friends and family as they will be moving away in less than a year.  It is nice to keep all the fond memories made together from the Lip Dub and pep assembly.