Community Members Pass Up Opportunity to Help Havasu Youth

Trinity Vessells, Copy Editor

Are you sick of not knowing where your taxes are going? What if you could contribute a dollar-for-dollar tax credit to an LHHS student to help them pay for field trips, sports fees and more? Newsflash: you can.

To do a tax credit, all you do is fill out a form and write a check. Yes, it really IS that simple. Knowing this, my question is: why don’t more people do tax credits?

A possible reason is the “writing the check” step. Field trips and sports fees are often several hundred dollars. Because single taxpayers can donate up to $200 and married couples can donate up to $400, it is usually encouraged that they pay the maximum amount. This allows the student to pay for their expense faster without scrambling for tax credits at the last minute. Plus, it reduces tax liability for the taxpayer. That sounds like a win-win. However, people often see writing this check as money leaving their bank account without benefiting them in any way.

In reality, doing a tax credit benefits both the taxpayer and the recipient. Those $400 are likely going to be paid either way. So, if the person does a tax credit, not only are they helping to enrich a student’s education experience, but they are also reducing that amount on their tax liability.

At the end of the day, if you’re going to have to pay that amount at some point, why not do it now and know exactly where that money is going? The Editorial Board would like to encourage the members of our community to help out the youth by saying “yes” to tax credits.