Pets Affected by COVID-19


Reyna Arellanes, Copy Editor

Is COVID-19 affecting pets? Yes. People’s pets are getting so used to them being home that when they eventually start going back to work or school, it could end up making a big impact on their pets. 

“I have two dogs. Max just turned one on the first of this month and the other (Oreo) is about four years old. Now that I have been home so much they are more active, and they are getting more attention than they used to,” said junior Jerrel Songer-McCullough.

This pandemic can be healthy for your pets causing them to be happier now that they’re able to spend more time with their owners as well as getting more love and attention. But, “I believe going back to school will make my dogs sad and possibly less active than they are now,” said Songer-McCullough. 

Since students have been home for five months already and could be longer, pets have gotten used to them always being there. So when students go back to school their pets aren’t able to enjoy the continuous attention all day long, which may result in them feeling down and possibly even misbehaving. 

“Typically when I’m gone for a long period of time, my dogs get rambunctious and occasionally tear things up,” said Songer-McCullough. Does this mean that when owners go back to school or work dogs will start acting up? 

This is a definite possibility because they won’t have someone home to keep an eye on them as they did during COVID-19. How can people help their pets adjust? When COVID-19 cases start to decrease and people are able to go out more they should slowly spend less time in the house. This will help get their pets used to people not being home all the time and according to The Union, “As you begin to think about going back to work you must think of ways to get your dog accustomed to being alone again. Dogs can develop separation anxiety. This is a stress reaction to being without their humans,” said Cheryl Wicks. 

Therefore heading back to work and school may be tough on pets.