A Closer Look at the Yearbook Class


Kelly Fee, Reporter

Yearbook is a CTE class that focuses on design and photography to create a student annual yearbook each year. This is the class that gathers information by covering events throughout the year to bring it together in one book.

Every week in Yearbook students are assigned an event with a due date by the Editor-in-Chief, Lauren Coletta.  

Four types of events are covered: Athletic, Academic, Student Life, and Clubs. When covering an event students must get multiple pictures with the names of everyone photographed. After returning from the event, photos are downloaded and retouched to perfection by photographers. From there designers take the photos and lay them out into a spread. Copy pertaining to the events is added.  Finally, it is submitted to the editors for revision to be officially published in the yearbook.

There are four positions one can have:


Lauren Coletta (Editor-in-Chief)

Kylee Williams (Copy Editor)

Allexis Enos (Photo and Video Editor)

Kelsee Sneed (Design Editor)


Rylee Mattice, RaeLynn Davidson, Meredith Estrada, Felisha Schooley


Morgan Canaday, Lauren Haugen, Cody Velasquez, Elizabeth Brubaker, Rylee Canaday, Tristan Davidson, Samantha Hernandez, Cayla Mann, Frank Ricci III

Business and Advertising:

Chloe Dipoli, Hannah Jackson, Zoë Dondero, Summer Gray