A Closer Look at the LHHS Royal Report

A Closer Look at the LHHS Royal Report

Eboni Boyd, Proof Reader

Broadcast is a group of students that keep the students and faculty of LHHS informed with a weekly news package and daily announcements. Broadcast covers everything from school events to political and social news. Broadcast is made up of 19 students with each student in one of three roles: editor, anchor or tech. The editors assign and grade all of the videos, news packages and announcements, as well as give guidance.

Primarily, tech will edit and record the videos with the anchors. Lastly, the anchors are the students on camera bringing the news stories to life.

Although each student has a specific role, they sometimes cross over to a different field of work so that they can gain experience in all aspects of digital communications.

Every day a member of broadcast begins the school day with the morning announcements. They announce any club or sports events occurring during the week and they always include an activity such as movie Monday and the tantalizing Tuesday riddle.

Every Friday morning they broadcast their news program, called the Royal Report to the students of LHHS, starting their last day of the week with a little piece of Lake Havasu Knight pride.

If you want to view any of their news programs or videos, subscribe to their channel on YouTube LHHS Royal Report.

Editor in Chief: Cailin Velau  

Video Editor: Shivangi Bhakta

Copy Editor: Taylor Cote

News Editor: Jonathan Silverstein

Anchors: Jonathan Escobar, Wyatt McDonald, Chloe Fitch, Andrew Jenkins, Krystian Jameson, Jared Thomas, Judy Ann Quang, Bailey McelWain and Rhiannon Westlake

Tech:  Caden Brock, Skylar Karban, Andrew Jenkins, Krystian Jameson, Jonathan Escobar, Jonathan Cornejo, Christian Olson, Cameron Salas, Bailey McElwain and Kovina Savita