CTE Automotive Technologies


Changing oil in a car is just one of the many skills students learn in the CTE Automotive Technology class. This class navigates all tasks relevant to owning a car but is also helpful to a future occupation. Miller stresses that this class has many opportunities that can be a “direct path to a job.”

Kalliauna Bodine, Reporter

With so many different CTE classes, there’s something for everyone. From marketing to software to stagecraft. No student will ever be bored. And now, it’s time for the CTE Automotive class that many students look forward to eagerly. 

Additionally, automotive teacher Don Miller stresses that “if you own a car or you drive a car, then take the automotive maintenance class.” The automotive maintenance class teaches students the crucial aspects of owning a car. This curriculum was designed by looking through owner’s manuals for a bunch of different cars and finding out what each manufacturer wants every driver to know. This course is designed to prepare students for when they own a car.

It can lead students right into a career out of high school. So, fixing cars in a high school class can lead to careers with no higher education required.

Additionally, If students are interested in cars, engines, and technology then this is the class for them! This class is hands-on and teaches students skills that can be beneficial to their future. It teaches everything from basic vehicle maintenance to more in-depth mechanic-ing. Changing the oil and tires of a car are examples of what can be learned in this class. 

This class teaches students skills that can be very beneficial to them in the future. “So those of you who think you might be interested please come by. We are always happy to see new faces,” Miller said.  That being said, sign up for the CTE automotive class by talking to your counselor or stop by room C-104 for more information!