CTE Marketing Class


Kalliauna Bodine, Reporter

Creation and communication. That’s what marketing is all about.  Creating something and communicating that something with the world. In the CTE Marketing class at LHHS, students do just that.

This class is designed to teach students different aspects of marketing. This includes how to write business plans, learn the different components of a business plan, and different marketing strategies. CTE Marketing teacher Sara Darnell said “Now the hope is that they go through these marketing lessons and they learn these standards and be able to implement that into the different activities that they do.” Students in this class are able to take these skills they’ve learned and use them to host events at our school. Once these students graduate they will already be equipped with the ability to get a job in marketing because they have these skills.  

Lastly, this class has primarily been for student council kids, but that is something aiming to be changed. Darnell stresses that this class is for students, not just student council ones, that have a passion for marketing. If a student has an interest in any type of marketing, this class is for them!