Fitness Fanatic Finds her Happy Place in the Classroom


Kitana Ford, Proof Reader

The audience quiets as the speaker rises from her chair to stand at the podium. Confidently, she speaks into the crowd relaying instructions for the machinery the spectators will use momentarily. As she relays the same speech she has told for years, her mind wanders with thoughts of curiosity—where will this career take her? Does she have the potential to utilize her skills with teaching in another career?

In her early life, Anatomy teacher Nancy Schweigert grew to become a devoted athlete with the support of her parents. “We weren’t wealthy or anything, and I didn’t ask for much. I was an athlete; all I ever wanted was equipment for sports, and my parents were very supportive no matter what I did,” said Schweigert.

As she transitioned into high school, she advanced in athletics, which led to some of her proudest moments.

“My senior year we won the National Championship [for] Basketball in 1989. I was named the MVP of the final four and an All American—which is the top 10 people of the United States as far as basketball.”

Before she discovered her desire to become a teacher, Schweigert worked in the field with engineers and gave educational seminars on the machinery being used. While she was working for a company selling industrial-sized mixers and giving seminars she decided, “I could do this with something I love.” So with the support of her husband, she decided she wanted to teach science.

As a teacher, Schweigert values her experience with engineers; she sees it as an advantage in her teaching career. “I think because I wasn’t a teacher right away and was out in the real world working, it makes me a better teacher.” Because of that experience, she explained that she knows what students need to succeed.

Outside of school grounds, she finds herself indulging in the scenery that surrounds her as she makes her way across the map or is in preparation for yet another race.

“I’m a fitness fanatic, so I work out at Shockwave Fitness. I do insanity live, spartan races, and off-terrain races.” Otherwise, she said she spends time with family, her animals or traveling.

Ultimately, Schweigert is dedicated to her career and students. She feels honor in being the individual that can influence incoming students.