Musical Prodigy Masters Variety of Instruments


Kitana Ford, Proofreader

The tension grows as the seconds pass; he feels the pressure as he looks up at the crowd. The stands become his stage as he rises with his members and begins the performance. Music flows from the array of instruments, filling the air and captivating the audience. As the performance comes to a close, his mind wanders with thoughts of nostalgia.

Senior Chris Hall plays his trumpet during a half time performance.

At an extraordinarily young age, senior Chris Hall discovered his passion for music. While in the second grade, Hall began his career in band. As he advanced past his expectations regarding school, music remained important. While the main instrument he plays is the trumpet, he can play almost every instrument the band has available to him.

As a senior in high school, Hall is labeled as the lead player in band. He values the education he has been given while in the Lake Havasu High School Band and the opportunities it provided him with.

A collection of memories come to his mind when the word “band” is mentioned, the most prominent memories being those made while playing at football games. “I will miss playing in the stands [during] Friday night football games [as well as the times we] left school [to go on] fun field trips,” said Hall.

In addition, Hall described a hidden aspect of band. “People don’t [normally] know that music is  a complicated [skill] because you’re learning a whole new language, and it’s not for everyone,” said Hall.

Ultimately, Hall makes it his mission to be a connoisseur of all instruments. He is driven by his music, and it is his biggest influence.