Studies in Business Attract Seniors

Taeya Martinez, Social Media Manager

Senior Trevor Bartel

In 10, 9, 8. That’s right, there are only eight months until graduation day. From freshman to senior,  the countdown has started. In this last school year, senior Zoë Dondero wants “to make an impression on people” and for them to “remember how she made them feel.”

While Dondero hopes to leave a lasting impact on others, another student is hoping for something a little different. “I want to do well in school and [be] a good leader in [Future Business Leaders of America],” senior Trevor Bartel said.

Currently, Bartel holds the position of Treasurer in FBLA and is also part of the Freshmen Mentor Club and National Honor Society.

Then there’s Dondero, who is involved in many extracurricular activities including National Honor Society, Key Club, Yearbook, Student Council and Educational Tour Group. She is also captain of the cross country team and has run for varsity since her freshman year.

Although it is still early in the school year, it is never too early to start planning for the future. Both Bartel and Dondero plan to go to college and pursue business. He wants to pursue a Masters in Business Administration and is aiming for a management position postcollege.

While, Dondero plans to study English on top of business. After college, she hopes to work in a publishing house and be an editor.

As the school year continues, Dondero is excited to finish her senior year in Student Council. “I feel like Student Council has opened me up to a lot of avenues as a result of [Arizona Association of Student Council] where we go to state.” She said that she has thoroughly enjoyed being in Student Council, and it’s what she will miss the most about high school.

Agreeing with Dondero, Bartel added, “[I will miss] FBLA because I made a lot of friends, and it’s made me more confident.” He has gained many skills from being part of this organization and has enjoyed involvement in FBLA for the past three years.

These seniors have demonstrated hard work and dedication through their time at LHHS, enabling them to become Knights of the Month. They have many goals that they hope to achieve before the end of their high school career and even after this chapter of their life has ended.

Senior Zoe Dondero