Memories Flood the Mind of Senior Football Player  


Karley Glover , Graphics Editor

Walking onto the field for the last time is something every senior football player will experience. Memories flood his mind—from the first game he played, to winning the rivalry game and being on Homecoming court. This is the last time he will ever play football on this field. This is the last time he will make a touchdown in front of this crowd. This is his final home game.

Following in the footsteps of his father and older brothers, senior Peyton Luzzi began playing football eight years ago. Starting in elementary school, Luzzi continued to pursue football throughout high school. Now in his third year on the varsity team, Luzzi has made many memories and has become a leader for the team.

“I’m definitely going to miss leading the prayer before every game and the brotherhood I’ve formed with all the guys.”

While not sure what his future plans are, the prospects of continuing to follow his football career into college is on the horizon. Luzzi hopes to attend Arizona State University and possibly continue to play football.

And as the final buzzer sound he completes his last play and walks off the field, for the last time.