New Adventures from the Canceled Sport Season

Judy Ann Quang, Reporter

“If you were to tell me at the beginning of the year that my senior year would fall apart during the second half, I wouldn’t believe you,” said Senior Antonio Hurtado.  People around the world have been affected by a recent pandemic called the coronavirus which began in late 2019 and is continuing to grow even today. 

Not only is the coronavirus affecting people, it’s also having a major impact on many restaurants, hotels, corporations, resorts, attractions and events as people are forced to shut down in hopes of preventing the coronavirus from spreading. 

During this time, a majority of schools have been shut down. This has a major influence on students around the globe as they are forced to do online school and some college students are forced to take their belongings and move out of their college dormitories. As the pandemic is spreading around the world, many teachers are trying to find solutions to give students a chance to learn and complete schoolwork at home. 

The Class of 2020 has been a bumpy road ahead as they might not be able to receive a chance to walk during graduation, go to prom, finish their final season of the year, and much more.

Many seniors like Antonio Hurtado are affected by the coronavirus as a track runner for the LHHS Knights. I feel a lot of pain, confusion and anger built up inside from my last season as it ended so quickly. Honestly, it’s been really depressing that we may not be able to walk when we’ve been working so hard our whole lives just to get to that point and walk on the same stage as all of our friends. It was a very emotional time for everyone even for seniors, whether we competed in a spring sport or not

Hurtado had a goal before this final season of track as he enjoyed this sport with a passion and enjoyed the LHHS track team and football team as he will never forget all the memories they have made together. “My goal throughout my whole track career was to hit at least 11.9 on the 100 and 24.9 on the 200 and I only reached my 100-meter goal this season. Occasionally, he felt like these goals were impossible to do, but he worked hard to reach them and felt accomplished when he reached his 100-meter goal.

But the LHHS track team was so much more than just a sport, for it influenced his life heavily. “It was a means of escape from my personal problems where I could freely compete and have fun in the process.”

Even though it might be Hurtado”s last season, he still wishes luck to his other teammates and will cherish the memories he made.“I can’t believe my senior season in track has come to an end in less than a month from the season starting. I want to thank everyone I’ve met through the track team, and everyone I’ve competed with and against. And I will do my best to support them, for I am forever a fighting Knight. Good luck to the remaining student-athletes that will compete in their remaining season.”

The LHHS track team will always hold a special place in Antionio Hurtado heart and will definitely show as much support as he can for the season yet to come. 

Senior Antonio Hurtado isn’t the only senior being changed by the coronavirus; multiple seniors are experiencing similar emotions regarding online schooling. Yet, this is not the end of Class of 2020; they are still standing strong in hopes of walking on the graduation stage with their friends.