Knight Life

Nicole Seemann
It all starts with a thought—one great idea that you can’t get out of your head. That thought refuses to leave until it is expressed in words in a cluster of creativity on an empty sheet. That is how it started for me, this journey of writing. With just one nagging thought, my passion was born, and I was changed forever. My name’s Nicole Seemann, and in the awkward phase of seventh grade I began to write. I wrote little stories every once and awhile, but I really began to write in high school. As a freshman, I had a blast in Intro class and was more than excited to join Print the following year. I am now a sophomore in Print as a Proofreader. In all honesty, I’m still a newbie and get confused about a lot of things, but I’m following my passion and making tons of friends on the way.

Nicole Seemann, Website Assistant

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