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Alicia Medina

Alicia Medina, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Boss Lady, Editor-in-Chief, person who grades my work, scary girl who gives announcements at the front of the classroom everyday: all of these titles encompass what I represent to all of the kids in my journalism class. But, before I was in charge, I had been through every step of our hierarchical pyramid. At first it was scary, but starting from the bottom made me realize how every part of the class is integral to our overall goals. 

However, my journey with journalism did not begin in high school. I first joined a journalism course back in middle school, where it was a combination of both yearbook and article writing. One day, high schoolers came into our class and talked about the high school journalism program. Their spiel spoke to me—the idea of one day leading a class of students who chug along each week, pushing out work for everyone to see, fascinated me. Throughout my years in the class, I’ve seen people break down, scream with joy, laugh until they ache and make stronger friendships. This class has allowed me to see parts of people that usually remain unseen and talents that would have remained hidden. 

When I’m not in the classroom, delegating things to others, I can be found on the tennis courts. Starting as a sophomore, I realized my passion for tennis when a friend of mine wanted to start playing the sport. At first it was hard, but I loved the independent aspect of tennis: when you’re on the court, everything is on you. Tennis has taught me that if you are passionate about something, your limits are undefined.

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Alicia Medina