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Nicole Seemann
Hey, my name is Nicole Seemann (yes I know, it’s a great last name to have). I'm a proud member of the journalism class at Lake Havasu High School, where we make Your Knight Life and the Royal Report. This year I'm the Editor in Chief of the class, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m so glad I became a part of this class—this family—where we not only work together, but also are there for each other as we transition from teenagers to adults. When high school is over, I plan on attending a university and majoring in accounting. Until then, my goal is to get out of my shell more and to continue deepening the bonds I have with those in this class. Some achievements I feel I’ve made in this class are redesigning the website (you’re on right now) becoming Editor in Chief and the level of confidence I’ve developed in myself thanks to the four years I’ve been in this class. Now, for the most important information. Number one, I LOVE dogs. Number 2, I can lick my elbow.

Nicole Seemann, Editor in Chief

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