Class of 2021 Not Forgotten; ACT and SAT Make a Comeback


Nicole Seemann, Editor In Chief

Every year the juniors of Lake Havasu High School take a standardized test used for college admissions in the United States, the ACT or SAT. But last year was unlike any other, a pandemic turned the world upside down and these tests had to be delayed. Now the tests are back. The returning juniors, starting their senior year, have the opportunity to take these tests at last. 

How do I sign up for these tests?

To sign up for the ACT, just go to and for the SAT, go to These links will carefully lead you through the steps for signing up. 

Spots have been filling up very quickly so the sooner you sign up the better. If you wait too long, you will lose the freedom of choosing a test date to your liking. 

Which test should I take?

Almost everyone will have a preferred test. A student will usually connect with one test more than the other and thus score higher. This is why it is very important to know the differences between the two tests and sign up for the one that is right for you. That being said, students are allowed to take both tests and don’t have to settle for only one. Although no college will require you to submit scores from both tests. 

Can I take them for free?

The answer is yes… kind of. Lake Havasu High School is providing the students of class 2021 the option of taking a free ACT test at the high school. One can sign up for this test on the Lake Havasu High School website, or on GoogleClassroom in the “Class of 2021” category. The test will be on September 22nd and the make up date will be on October 20th. Sadly, the SAT will not be offered for free. 

Now, this is only one test date. Both of these tests are provided on multiple dates throughout the school year. If you desire to take the SAT or the ACT on a different test date, it’ll cost money. 

Not including the optional essay, the ACT costs $52 and the SAT costs $50. With the essay, the ACT costs $68 and the SAT costs $65. 

Do I have to take one of these tests?

You’re not the only one dealing with a pandemic, the whole world is. Colleges are aware of these strange times and are taking them into account. More than half of all four-year colleges have decided to go “test optional” for Fall 2021 admissions. 

Though these tests are no longer required, they’re still recommended for a majority of colleges. On top of that, these tests scores will still be used to award merit scholarships. So taking one will still benefit you greatly.