Couples put through a test because of quarantine

Judy Ann Quang, Bus/Social Media/ Advertising/ Web Tech Editor

Most high school relationships are hanging by a thread having a new threat that could damage the relationship as they are put to the test because of the COVID-19. They won’t be able to see their significant other during this difficult time for the next couple of months or more as many couples wouldn’t be able to not see each other during quarantine. “The most difficult part is keeping the love alive I think; it’s a lot harder to tell if your significant other actually wants to be in the relationship anymore.” said Junior Jessica Bardett.

Meanwhile sophomore Valaie Westerkamp hates that she can’t be near her significant other during this hard time and wants to be told that it will be okay at the end. 

Many couples struggle to even communicate with each other during quarantine, which can lead to problems and issues throughout COVID-19. “Communication is key to keep our relationship alive and minimize problems. If there’s an issue, we bring it up and talk about it, or at least try to,” said Junior Jessica Bardett

A couple of high school relationships have ended because of communication with one another. One high school junior who wanted to be unnamed, the KL spoke to, has been dating someone for 2 years; She almost ended the relationship as they never had the time with one another and never communicated; it led to many days of not talking to each other. One day she confronted her boyfriend and told him how she felt about everything in the relationship. In the end she said it has improved, and she is very happy with what happened as she communicated how she felt. 

Also another junior felt the same way with her boyfriends as he never made time for her, and sometimes he never replied back. It could strengthen their relationship or break it, but it is the risk she will take.

Even though quarantine has destroyed some relationships, it has led to many relationships still thriving during quarantine as there some cute dating ideas, facetimes, playing video games, and many more with the significant other to keep it alive and fresh. 

However, cherish the memories with your significant other and remember favorite memories with him/her. “My favorite memory is during the very beginning of quarantine when I last went to his house, and we just cuddled and watched movies as well as funny videos,” said Junior Jessica Bardett. Even though the world is facing COVID-19, high school couples can continue to thrive, make new memories and bond throughout this dangerous journey.