Early Childhood Education jumpstarts your career

Kalliauna Bodine, Reporter

Want to work with kids? Want to get ahead of the game for your future? Early Childhood Education is a CTE program taught by Mrs. Marie Hendry and Mrs. Cathy Bagby. This program not only teaches students in depth how to care for children, but also teaches them basic skills they will need to know for almost any job. 

“It has provided me with so many opportunities to learn about professionalism, and it’s taught me so many life skills that I will be able to use down the road,” senior Sydney Juve said. The program teaches professional skills such as interviews, applications, clocking in, as well as arriving on time. 

Child Development Associates (CDA) teacher Hendry explained that “We hope that any student that comes through our program walks away with that professional set of skills that will make them employable anywhere.”

Additionally, the goal of this program is to provide students with these types of skills in order to make them more professional and more employable in the future. 

They have had med students in their program who learned how to deal with children, but that’s not all  “…this program isn’t just for the students who want to become a teacher or work with kids in the future at all, if you become a parent or aunt or uncle you will know how to behave and care for kids as well,” said. Bagby, the students first and second year teacher.  So this program isn’t just for those who are planning a career that has to do with children.

Apart from this, the requirements for this program consist of an application with two teacher recommendations and a Tuberculosis (TB) skin test. This test is required by the state because Early Childhood Education is a licensed facility Hendry said.

In this program students work to earn their Child Development Associate’s credential, and with this they can work towards a rewarding career. They can go into the teaching field, daycare, and even become a nanny among other things.

The Early Childhood Education program is beneficial in more ways than one, and the students get to work with kids and have fun at the same time!  Check out the Royal Report video on this program at LHHS Royal Report on YouTube and be sure to subscribe.