How Students Are Being Affected By COVID-19


Reyna Arellanes, Reporter

Many students around the world are being affected by the Coronavirus also known as COVID-19. 

Due to this pandemic students are missing out on school dances, graduations, vacations, going to school, and just doing normal daily life things that people do on a day to day basis.

“It really sucks that there is no more baseball” said sophomore Alex Brady, which can be really tough for some students since sports are often used as outlets.

Not only are those who play sports being affected but theater participants as well.

“It’s affected me by making my life boring and it canceled a lot of things like a show I was in at LHHS. It was gonna be the 25th annual,” said sophomore Adrienne Kruszynski. 

Even students who aren’t involved in activities like sports or theater are being affected. 

Sophomore Jerrel Songer-McCullough said, “I’m being affected by not being able to see people, go to school, go to stores, or leave my house in general,” which shows that people aren’t even able to do the simple things that caused happiness anymore. 

Not only are students missing out on things but also fearing things. Sophomore Nicholas French expressed his fears when he said, “This virus has shown me how close I and many of my people I love are close to death, especially my brother who I look up to,” showing that this time can be stressful for some. 

But, this virus has also brought up positives too like communities coming together with simple things like writing uplifting messages to each other. Not only that but as French said, this virus has shown him things he’s been missing out. This time alone got him thinking that there’s more to life than struggling to get that girl he likes or being the best in what he does. This virus has taught him to open his mind and now he’s playing guitar, piano, and cooking. He’s also singing, working out, but most importantly he has more time with those he loves and the things he loves doing. This shows that if people decide to look on the brighter side of things then they may realize that yes this is a hard time for everyone but it can also be a good thing in some ways.