Medical Terminology opens door to new experiences

Medical Terminology opens door to new experiences

Judy Ann Quang, Bus/Social Media/ Advertising/ Web Tech Editor

What is Medical Terminology? This course allows students to get a sneak peek of the medical field from going to Grand Canyon University to suturing stitches into bananas and going to a BODIES | The Exhibition at Las Vegas. 

Basically, this class is a dual enrollment which is a college class where participants  learn different medical terms and break it down so students can get a better understanding in the medical fields and the field that they are entering.The possibilities are endless as far as what students could pursue with their careers in the medical field.

This allows students to gain exposure to multiple different careers within the healthcare division as they are taking field trips by going to health fairs,  talking with nurses and CNA’s and allowing students to work in a lab by themselves that isn’t necessarily open to the public. 

CTE Medical Terminology teacher Marsha Becker wishes she could spend more time doing hand-on things with medical terminology as it is like learning another language. They spend a lot of time with vocabulary and terms throughout this course. The reason why Becker decided to teach overall was bonding over students and learning more about the students life as she felt that building a relationship with the students was very important. A lot of students that took her class are still in contact with her telling her how this class changes their life which she feels is the best experience about teaching.Becker advice to students taking her class is stay focused and grind it out. Junior Charlotte Upshaw felt that there were a lot of pros of taking the class as it allows her to understand the way of the world and learning the vocabulary in the class allows her to understand about the general health. The only cons she feels like taking this class is learning a lot of uncommon words and it takes a lot of memorization. Her favorite experience from this class is that she was able to go to the body museum with the medical terminology students as she was in HOSA at that time so when she look back at that memory as she think it funny as she is now a medical terminology student as it showing her growth in high school. 

Charlotte Upshaw plans once she graduates high school is going to the medical field but hasn’t decided which area in the medical field she wants to go. Upshaw is the vice president of HOSA and takes anatomy and medical terminology as it goes hand to hand as it helps her build her career before she enters college. She feels like taking medical terminology improving her vocab and knowledge as everything she is learning is involved in all medical fields and not just one category. Check out the Royal Report video on this program at LHHS Royal Report on YouTube and be sure to subscribe.