Video Games Now Being Played as a Sport With Cash Prize Opportunities

Video Games Now Being Played as a Sport With Cash Prize Opportunities

Reyna Arellanes, Copy Editor

Around the world people play many different types of video games, but did you know that they can be played as a form of a sports competition? This is called esports. 

On average, “esports offers regular salaries to team participants, with average salaries in the $3,000-to-$5,000 monthly in gaming hotbeds like China and the U.S. Top echelon players can earn much more, up to $15,000 for a single competition plus bonuses,” according to The Street. 

Making that much cash may sound like a great idea but what are some downsides to participating in esports? Well, according to The Washington Post, esports can cause risks for the body and possibly the development of the brain. Some participants spend up to 12 hours training per day which may lead to an increase in computer-related injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome as well as repetitive strain injury and back pain due to sitting for a long period of time. 

But, there are of course some benefits as well like, improved hand-eye coordination, improved attention and visual activity, improved basic visual processing and executive function, problem-solving and strategy skill development, boosting self-confidence as well as player socialization, and even scholarships according to Wyoming Soccer.

Students here at LHHS have competed themselves. Junior Jerrel Songer-McCullough once played in an Ironsight tournament with the first place prize being $80, second being $50, and third being $20 with his friend Alex but they didn’t end up placing. 

Although he didn’t place, that doesn’t stop him from attempting other tournaments for either Rocket League or the common League of Legends.

So if you’re into video games and possibly making some extra cash, esports is something to consider with the most popular esports options being League of Legends, CS: GO, and Dota 2 according to The Loadout.