Administration Takes Action Against Barbaric Bathroom Bandits    


Trinity Vessells, Copy Editor

Broken sinks, soapy floors, spraying toilets—oh my! Bathrooms are supposed to be a place for relieving oneself, but at LHHS they’ve become a site for pranks that aren’t so funny.

Instead of using the bathrooms for their intended purpose, students (with Hulk-like strength apparently) rip sinks out of walls, kick toilets until they spew raw sewage all over the bathroom and pour soap on the floor, causing janitors to be overworked and stressed, while the bathrooms are locked due to the obvious safety hazards. While soap is easily wiped up, repairing and replacing sinks and toilets is expensive, so bathrooms may be locked for several days to be made safe again.

Primarily, the high costs are unfair to the school, but the locked bathrooms are also unfair to innocent students. A student wanting to use the bathroom for its intended purpose shouldn’t have to walk to another hall to do so, but the administration has no choice but to lock them for the wellbeing of students.

Recognizing this inconvenience, administration has started to implement some ways to prevent students from destroying the restrooms. Security guards and administration periodically monitor the bathrooms, but it can be difficult to catch vandals in the act because they often have a friend who serves as a lookout. The school is also in the process of finalizing a bid to purchase security cameras, which are also expensive.

For obvious reasons, the security cameras would be placed outside of the bathroom. Unlike busy administration and security guards, the camera will be able to monitor bathroom activity 24/7. That way, when a student reports damage to the bathroom, administration can look back at the security camera footage to see who entered the bathroom and stayed there longer than necessary before the time the student reported the incident.

While these solutions might aid in reducing vandalism, sneaky students will likely find a way to continue vandalizing without getting caught. That’s why it’s important to address not only the administration’s solutions but the students committing the atrocious act. Students, this is your school. You should take pride in it and do your part in keeping it looking nice. Pouring soap all over the bathroom floor or ripping a sink out of the wall isn’t the way to go about this. Also, remember that your poor decisions can affect everyone, so think twice the next time you enter a bathroom with malicious intentions.