AP, Duel, Honors, Oh My!


Photo Credit: Reyna Arellanes

DE English senior student Autumn Porter.

Reyna Arellanes, Reporter

Classes, classes, classes, what every student has to think about when entering the new school year. Incoming juniors and seniors, in particular, have to think about going into either regular, honors, advanced placement (AP), or dual enrollment (DE) courses. 

Whether it be in English, Math or History, the question commonly asked is which will look better on a college application?“ Depending on what college you go into, you’re going to get in because they want you in the college anyways. If you have dual enrollment, those classes are going to be highly regarded when you go to a local college. It’s only going to matter if you’re applying to Harvard, Stanford, or Yale, where there’s harder criteria to get into those schools,” said DE US History teacher Brian Zemojtel.  

In simpler words, it truly depends on where the student wants to go or what the student wants to study. If an individual wants to go to an out of state or top-rated university, then he/she should take AP classes but, if they prefer to go to an in-state university then honors courses will be just fine. 

Now for some students, DE is the most beneficial. “For me personally, I have eight years of college after high school, so it knocks out some of the classes that I would eventually have to take,” said senior Autumn Porter.

Photo Credit: Reyna Arellanes

“High school AP classes are a bit harder, you have to do a lot more work and then you have to take a certain test to see if you even get the college credit,” explained  Porter.

To follow up on that statement, DE English teacher Kari Thompson has a daughter that’s in high school so for her as a parent, dual enrollment is a huge cost saving tool. Her daughter will finish at Lake Havasu High School with about a year and a half of college completed, in hopes it’ll reduce about $20,000 in college tuition. For Thompson’s daughter, it will allow her to focus more on classes within her major and prevent having a heavy load when starting, as well as getting a lot of her prerequisite courses out of the way. 

Being that AP and DE classes both look beneficial on college applications, what are the pros and cons? A benefit of DE is that students can earn college credit as well as a high school credit, which will cut down on the cost of college tuition. The downside is that, if the high school was to do away with the DE courses, the students would need to take the regular class instead. Plus students asserted that AP classes were more challenging than DE and DE more difficult than Honors.

One big change for this year is that all of them are weighted the same. This means students who previously would gain more points toward their overall GPA by taking an AP class over an Honors class is now earning the same points.

When picking classes for the upcoming school year, be aware of the requirements needed to get into certain colleges. Never be afraid to ask a teacher or counselor for help.