Attention: Calling All Parents For High School


The school hallways see a little more congestion when parents walk on the campus.

Brody Port, Reporter

The bell rings, signaling the start of yet another day at Lake Havasu High School. However, this bell doesn’t just let the students know that they need to hurry along to their next class, it also signals parents as well. Thursday was Parent Day, a day in which students are able to bring their parents or other relatives to school with them as they go throughout their daily schedule.

Senior Adeline Beckman brought her father, Bill, along for yet another day of high school classes. Although it was the last time that she will be able to bring him, there were several new experiences for the both of them. 

“We learned about the circuit court of appeal and the Supreme Court in We The People,” Bill explained. Not only impressed with the content of the class Bill also remarked that, “My favorite class was We The People because the teacher is very engaging.”

Adeline smiled as she saw her father light up with excitement about the class that she enjoys the most. However, she also recalled an instance from earlier in the day, “Oh, and he was surprised that we didn’t do the same thing in StuCo, that we have been doing for the last four years.”

Regardless of whether or not students brought their parents along, joined their student for the day or just experienced a difference with many new faces on campus, it was a great change of pace for both the students and staff at Lake Havasu High School.

Adeline Beckman was joined by her father, Bill, for a day in her shortened, but busy schedule.