Bathroom Affirmations: Pros, Cons

Maddisyn Gonzales, Reporter

The bathroom is a place where you can relieve your “you know what.” A relaxing place where how you feel about yourself doesn’t matter. Or does it? Schools have brought in bathroom affirmations into the girls and boys bathrooms. In the girls bathroom, it says things such as, “You’re beautiful” and “Be the girl who decides to go for it.” In the boys bathroom, it says things such as, “Be kind” and “I can and I will”. Yes motivational things to say, but is it really necessary in the bathroom of all places?

“They are nice, but the spot they are put in is weird, and should be put somewhere else other than the bathroom,” says junior Fabiola Delgado.  

Many believe that the affirmations don’t have a purpose anywhere in the school, but many also believe that the affirmations should be put all around school. 

“I think they should be put in the hallways so that people feel more secure,” says junior Destiny Folwell.

“It would be nice to have other artwork on the walls,” adds on sophomore Sofia Silk. 

Affirmations. The word means emotional support or encouragement. With that being said, affirmations are very meaningful, no matter how they are given. Telling someone that they look nice today or even telling them that they are doing a good job at something is similar to giving an affirmation. 

“The affirmations in the bathroom are meaningful because they help bring happiness to a person when they are feeling down and they make a person not feel alone,” says Folwell. 

Sure they are in a wonky place, but it doesn’t change the fact that they definitely put people in a better mood. Which, in the end, is all that really matters.

Photo Credit: Maddisyn Gonzales & Jacob Magdelno
Today, bathroom affirmations are painted in every bathroom. Over the summer Interact, along with various other clubs, spent time painting them along the walls and doors of the bathrooms.