Behind the Scenes: Resource Officer on Campus


Jacob Magdaleno, Reporter

Every day, our school is striving to have a safe environment. Whenever any sign of danger is detected, our police force is here to protect. However, to keep the students safe within the school hours, our resource officer, Officer Joe Earhart, is here for the task.

He has been working for this position ever since it was opened. “The first time I put in for it somebody else got the position, who had more experience than me and then a couple years later, I put in for it again when it came open, and I got it,” says Earhart. 

His job is to handle situations on campus between students. His goal is to better students without taking serious action of consequences. “We try to deal with the least aggressive measure. If we resolve it with counseling and warning we do. Sometimes lines are crossed and we do have to make an arrest, but that’s the last option,” says Earhart. 

Having a resource officer on campus is meant to keep students safe wherever they go in school, as other police forces are dealing with situations outside of school. 

Earhart says the training for a resource officer is quite minimal but mirror the same training that others in law enforcement must take. 

His favorite part of the day is helping students become better individuals and listening to what they say about their situation. His own experience as a father helps him encourage students. “If you listen to them first, you know what they need. I’m also a dad so that helps,” says Earhart.

Having to deal with juveniles is a priority for being a resource officer. Whether that’s breaking up a conflict, having to talk to students or being a helping hand, all relate to supervising the school. “Even though that’s not all of the job, it’s half of the job. If that’s not your favorite part of the job you probably shouldn’t be a resource officer,” says Earhart.

Though the position is quite small in the police force, Officer Earhart feels privileged to be a part of the school district and help students become a better person every day.